Our adventure in the world of Schnauzers began in 1979 with giants but we fell in love when saw a mini black and silver one.

After buying the first bitch from Malya Kennel importations from kennels such as: Schnauzi's, Bar-Luz, Pectus, Feldmar, Falkendal's, Britmor, Hassanhill's followed.

Breeding has become our passion and has involved all the family.

Selecting the type,character andhealth of the dogs has become our aim.

The struggles and difficulties of the past years has led us to obtain wonderful results.

Dogs with our name have left their mark in many countries. Scedir blood has arrived in all Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia and South America.

Our dogs are a part of the family, they share our daily lives and our beds. This is why we can only keep a few of them.

Through the rapport created with many owners of our dogs the "family" has increased in size.

In the years many lovers have torned us and shared our show adventures.

Among these the most tenacious: Silvia and Walter, Anna, Cristina, Titti and Giancarlo, Uri, Tiziano to whom we give our thanks.