Eternal China Rauka

nato il 05-02-23
Prop.Fabio Ferrari
Eternal China Rauka Xing Yue Arnold Abar Follow of Xing Yue Kennel Berulf of Lju Chuang Feng Kennel
Stardom's Jane Junior
Mischa Penny of Xing Yue Kennel Sunny's Good Price
Qjwi Pangnju of Prefect Kennel
Eternal China Okly Repitition's Student Prince Repitition's Valedictorian
Myla's The Devil Wears Prada
Lamor of Eternal China Kennel Caruso
Sasha of Eternal China Kennel
Campione Sociale Giovani Croato
Campione Giovani Croato
Zagabria Junior Winner
Campione Italiano Giovani
Campione di San Marino Giovani